Mission Statement

Provide high level training and competition commensurate with player skills in order for athletes to achieve their personal and scholastic goals as well to use the lessons learned on the field to become future productive community leaders.

The Club

a) The Board of Directors governing body ensures the timely execution of administrative functions and compliance of applicable bylaws and agreements by all members.

b) When decisions are made regarding conflicts between the Club and a member, the well being of the team shall take precedence. The DOC and coach ensure parents are given an opportunity to address their grievances and elevate them to the BOD if required.

c) MISA adheres to our pro partners Empoli FC Academy methodology

d) The club will make every effort to educate its members on the following:

  • Reducing childhood obesity and Type II diabetes using CDC guidelines, handouts in English and Spanish, group orientation and on our web site.

  • Saying no to drugs, alcohol and tobacco

  • Soccer as a tool to keep teens out of the penal system

  • Promote development of the player athlete, provide a pro player roadmap

The Team

a) Players agree to place the good of the Team before the wishes and desires of any individual; a coaches’ decision must be respected.

b) Positions are selected based on the coach’s evaluations and the team’s needs for the game and/or season. A coach may elect to substitute a player for: Injury, mismatches on the field, player having an off game, failure to follow game plan, tactical changes, misconduct and as a disciplinary tool.

c) It is important that players not be distracted at practice, we ask parents and friends to please stay off the designated practice area, including the goal area, so players can focus on one set of instructions; the same applies during games.

d) We believe that winning is important in a competitive soccer environment; however, playing only to win without taking player development into account is counterproductive and the club believes in ensuring that players are trained to obtain a foundation which will prepare the to succeed.

The Coach

a) Our coaches and trainers must meet CalSouth licensing and Risk Management requirements before they can coach. Additionally, all head coaches are required to obtain a “D” license and be CPR and First Aid qualified as a precautionary measure.

b) Coaches must conduct themselves as positive role models and mentors; nothing positive will come of the Team’s efforts if we produce world-class players who do not know how to conduct themselves with dignity and thoughtful, caring human beings.

c) Coaches are responsible for team and spectator conduct during matches and practice sessions. Milan coaches must be polite, well behaved, and respectful with their opponents and officials. Players and parents deserve honesty, open communication, consistency, and reliability from the coach.

d) The commitment made by our coaches does NOT guarantee that a player will be offered a college scholarship or be considered for advanced levels of play. We will train players and provide them the necessary skills to enable them to become as good as their ability, desire, commitment, and effort takes them.

e) Players and parents are expected to take praise for a job well done as well as constructive criticism, some of the tools a coach has to help them perform their task and provide feedback to their players.

f) The coach will make every effort to attend practices and games; however, in situations where a conflict occurs and the team does not have an assistant coach, the Director of Coaching may designate a Staff Coach to cover the game to prevent a forfeit.

g) All coaches must sign the Club’s Coaching Agreement.

Team Managers

a) The Manager allows the coach to concentrate on training the team and is the person to approach while practice sessions and games are in progress.

b) Managerial functions include collecting and keeping a record of all dues and fees, passing out team information, making deposits using a Club account, attend meetings, info share meeting minutes, register players, vote at meetings if required, etc.

c) Managers are required to sign a Managers Agreement.


a) The club asks you to consider all your options and choose a team whose programs and coaching meets your expectations and that is in your best interest, taking into consideration your goals and aspirations.

b) Once you decide and make a commitment to join a MISA team, you agree to fulfill club and team policies by signing a Player/parent Financial Agreement.

c) The Club believes that education and sports are a great partnership and encourage our athletes to maintain a 3.5 GPA or above, so that they can be recruited by top colleges and universities when the moment arrives. It is your responsibility to do your assignments in a timely manner; however, poor grades are not a free pass to miss practice or games, since everyone on the team is a student-athlete.

d) The Club expects our players and parents to be ethical, honest and honor their agreements; therefore, make your decisions thoughtfully. Once you have made a commitment, the team expects your participation and support for the entire season.

e) Once you have committed to the team, the coach will be ethical and honest in honoring their commitment to you. IAW with CalSouth policy: No player will be dropped from a team during normal soccer season unless it is for disciplinary reasons, in which case a disciplinary hearing will be conducted IAW our bylaws.

f) The coach will make decisions regarding temporary suspension from the team after consulting with the DOC for any player whose conduct undermines the team.

h) While a coach and/or trainer can teach your child specific skills, it is up to each player to devote 30-60 minutes per day to refine skills. Players that only rely on the practice sessions will not develop their technical ability as quickly as those players that practice on their own which can affect their playing time.

i) Players are required to sign a Player/parent Agreement

Tryouts and Selection

a) Team tryouts are open to all players who meet age requirements and meet objective and subjective analysis for the team they are trying out for.

b) Tryouts are posted on www.milaninternationalsocceracademy.org or other means,

c) Additional tryouts may be called at any time, at a coach’s request, to fill positions and/or compensate for loss of players.

d) New players trying out for a team must complete the CalSouth Player Registration Form before they are allowed to participate in a practice.

e) A player/s wishing to play on another MISA team may only do so by mutual agreement with the DOC, the losing and receiving coach and the parents; move must be in the best interest of player development and commensurate with their ability.

f) Team placement depends on several factors such as age skill and years playing soccer.

g) Players may play up into the next highest age group; however, they must demonstrate that they are starters and not merely taking up a spot on the roster.


a) Players may be evaluated objectively using the Comprehensive Assessment Program for Soccer (CAPS) club-wide, once a year and subjectively by the coach.

b) Progress Reports help provided feedback and real time player analysis.

c) Players should average a “3” or higher on their Progress Report to be considered “Club Level” players.

d) All players will be evaluated in the following areas:

  1. Technical Ability: Juggling, dribbling, finishing, individual defending, skills
  2. Tactical Awareness: Runs off-the-ball, reads the game, anticipation, support
  3. Physical Limitations: Weight, height, body mass, endurance, agility, strength, speed off-the-mark, bleep test results
  4. Mental Dimensions: Integrity, discipline, leadership, second effort, attendance
  5. Lifestyle: Nutrition, hydration, rest, drugs and alcohol issues, smoking
  6. Emotional: Divorce, illness or death of a family member, problems at school

e) Interpreting the numbers:
1= Needs vast improvement, 2= Fair, 3= Good (Club level), 4= Excellent

Empoli FC ID Camps, Olympic Development Program and US Club Soccer Id2

a) DOC may recommend players for ODP or Id2 program; however, any decision about whether to participate in ODP will be left up to player and parents.

b) Coaches will identify players that have the ability to play at a higher level for DOC recommendation.

c) All academy players must attend local ID camps

Uniform and Equipment Policy

a) All players and coaching staff must wear the official team kit during games and practice kit during training sessions

b) No one may alter or wear any other type of gear; a violation of contractual agreement.

Before, During, and After the Games

a) Teams trains to participates in league competition, tournaments, league and state cup. Coach decides player selections, game lineup, position, playing time, tournament participation, etc

b) Players must accept role they are asked to perform for their team at any moment, even if that role is limited or unfamiliar.

c) Upon arrival at practice and games, players are expected to concentrate on soccer. Players must arrive on time with required equipment and be ready to practice or play.

d) Practicing and playing your best requires undivided attention, there will be no visiting between players and parents, family, friends, pets or other distractions.

e) Your coach may ask team to remain following a game to discuss certain aspects of play while things are still fresh in his or her mind.

e) Lifestyle; Diet, nutrition, rest, hydration, avoiding smoking, drugs and alcohol, are an integral part of the total athlete and your personal responsibility.

f) Rest periods between tournament games may be spent with family members or friends at your coach’s discretion.

g) You are responsible for your performance and conduct MISA expects you to behave with dignity and integrity at all times. You must care about your performance which may require you to practice on your own; additionally, it’s important to maintain a positive attitude, a sense of sportsmanship and regard for fair play at all times.

h) The use of drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes is not acceptable to the Club and may result in suspension or removal from team, depending on the gravity of the incidence.

i) MISA Tenets: Courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit

Team Travel

a) Parents are responsible to arrange for transportation to games and be at the site one- hour before start of match for pre-game warm-up and instruction.

b) MISA will select specific tournaments that provide greater exposure for the club and help you acquire playing experience and a higher level of competition.

c) You are expected to participate in club and team functions that are designed to meet specific goals which may go beyond the game itself, such as fundraisers or car wash.

d) Players traveling internationally are required to have a passport and make travel arrangements with club Travel Liaison Director.

Parents or Guardian

a) We appreciate the importance of parental support and involvement with your team at all levels of play. If players accept this commitment, parents/guardians must see to it that their child attends all possible team functions such as practices, meetings, fundraisers, parties, games, etc.

b) Parents agree to take care of financial obligations such as dues, fees, uniform and/or equipment purchase in a timely manner; failing to meet these obligations may result in your son/daughter not being able to participate with the team. The team manager and coach can recommend ways to raise money to defray the cost to participate

c) It’s your responsibility to call the coach and decide in advance you’re your child cannot attend a practice. Coaches preplan sessions based on their roster and training objectives; failing to come or showing up late compromises their ability to conduct specific game related training.

Sideline Coaching

a) We believe in developing player intelligence; that is, players that can perform their tasks in a game situation with minimal coaching

b) No coaching is allowed by parents no matter how well intended or knowledge of the game is since conflicting instructions during games does not help your child develop their ability to analyze the situation and apply the correct response. Your vocal support and positive encouragement is always welcomed after a play.


a) Local ID Camps are provided by Empoli FC professional side and conducted during the summer following the end of the school year.

b) Camps are two hours long and last three to five days; players selected for their ability are invited to attend ID camps conducted by EFC professional academy coaches.

Disciplinary Actions

a) Your coach will make every effort to work with you to help resolve disciplinary issues; however, after exhausting all efforts to reach an agreement, the coach will be left with little choice and pursue disciplinary action as follows:

  1. The coach will discuss the problem directly and privately with the player, with the assumption the problem will be corrected immediately.

  2. If the problem persists, the coach will communicate with the player's parents/guardian to discuss the lack of response on the part of the player and possible sanctions.

  3. The parents/guardian of any player recommended for removal from team may request to meet with the DOC or a board appointed representative for a hearing. Decisions made by DOC will be conveyed to the coach and the result will be final.

Web Site, Email

a) All players and parents are encouraged to info share their soccer experience and post comments or ideas at www.milaninternationalsocceracademy.org

b) Our web page contains important training information and data about events, such as: Camps, banquets, meetings, fields, training links and other pertinent issues.

c) You may email board members with questions or concerns through our web site by accessing our staff section.

Financial Obligations

a) Parents are expected to pay entire MISA annual fee before issuance of new ID Cards.

b) Club does not exclude players that cannot meet financial obligations and provides various methods to raise funds using our non-profit tax ID.

b) Our low, competitive dues are used expressly for soccer related expenses.

c) Be sure you have read and understand Parent/player agreement before committing to register your son/daughter on a Milan SC the team.

NOTE: The following information is designed to address Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and does not replace club bylaws or policies required to conduct official business.

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