Our History

Milan International Soccer Academy is a resurrection of the former Riverside Soccer Devils founded in 1960 by Mr. Joe Feola, an Italian immigrant living in Riverside, CA.

Many teams continued to play under the Riverside Soccer Devils banner until the late-ninety’s when Mr. Joe Feola retired from the soccer scene.

Today’s MISA continues to build on the Riverside Soccer Devils history which won two National Championships wearing the famous red and black striped uniforms and continued to operate as Milan SC from 2002 until our recent MISA name change in 2022.

Milan International Soccer Academy is affiliated with Empoli FC Academy of the Italian pro division and operates in Southern California as a 501(C)(3) with CalSouth.

MISA believes it has an obligation to our community to provide a safe, holistic environment which, besides teaching soccer, provides the necessary tools to: Engage the student athlete, educate families how to reduce Type II Diabetes and obesity with CDC guided nutrition, say no to drugs and alcohol and keep kids out of the penal system.

Our Empoli FC Academy pro partnership is designed to provide the necessary technical, tactical, physical and mental skills required to play the modern game significantly improving opportunities for gifted players to achieve their potential.

MISA Mission Statement

Provide the highest level of competitive soccer training and competition to boys and girls and mentor athletes to use the lessons from the game to become responsible adults and future leaders.

To develop players in a safe, holistic training environment, through team competition, significantly increasing athlete’s opportunity to be selected for high school varsity and college soccer, Empoli FC international Id program, US Club Soccer Id2 program, US Olympic Development Program and beyond.

Use available resources to address negative lifestyle trends impacting our community, such as: Childhood obesity, Type II Diabetes, nutrition and hydration, saying no to drugs, alcohol and tobacco, addressing bullying and discrimination.

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